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Great Aunt Mabel Always Loved a Picnic


vignette size: 12" wide X 12" deep X 10" high (30.5 X 30.5 X 25.4 cm)
bear 5" tall (12.7 cm)
bear created from camel colored mini bear fur fabric with Ultrasuede paws
polyfill & glass bead filling
vignette features original cemetery scene with lighted moon, cauldron & tombstones
sarcophagus picnic has a variety of Halloween snack foods
other details include urns with flowers, candles, tree trunks, Autumn leaves
picnic guests: tiny teddy and rabbit friends

The story behind the art.
We once toured a Victorian cemetery and were told that back then on a Sunday afternoon
families of the deceased would come to visit bringing a picnic with them.  They used the long, slab stone markers as a "table".  This little bear's Great Aunt Mabel (as identified on the
sarcophagus) always loved a picnic.  So her great niece brought one on her cemetery visit along
with some friends to help enjoy the party.

If you are interested in seeing how this piece was created, please enjoy the hyperlapse
video I made to document the extensive process.