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Since 1985 when I created and sold my first teddy bear, some things have changed. My focus these days is towards much smaller bears, from 3" - 6" tall.  In my one-of-a-kind bears&boxes series, I am incorporating many new techniques and finishes.  I am also a huge fan of creating new worlds for the bears in the gallery pieces I create which can be viewed in person at shows.  I am also adding special torch-fired enamel nametags to each bear so they never forget who they are!

What hasn't changed in the past 30+ years is that I still LOVE teddy bears and I still love making them.  Attention is still paid to every detail from the shape of the foot to the curve of the ear.  And each bear still wears a tiny jingle bell and has a sewn-in label.  No two are exactly alike.

The following photos show some examples of different kinds of bears and friends that I create.  These bears already have homes but if you would like to see if there are any currently awaiting adoption, please check out my available bears page.