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I am a North Carolina native, which is becoming an increasingly rare thing but one which I am certainly glad to claim.  My dad inadvertently taught me about being organized and making lists.  My mom taught me how to sew and be creative.  These influences may seem contradictory but somehow it has worked out okay.  Most of my home is fairly neat and even most of my studio with the exception of my desk.  You know how a creative fury can throw all that being organized stuff right out the window.


My bear making career began in a roundabout way when I fell in love with the process of
creating teddy bears for my son's room when he was born.  Soon I was attending craft shows and then teddy bear shows.  One thing I could not anticipate when I started was all the wonderful,
creative and totally fun people I would meet pursuing this creative path.  Truly, some of my
very best friends I have met because of teddy bears.

Over the years, several teddy bear magazines have generously included many photos of my
work.  The ones mentioned below feature articles about my bears.


Teddy Bear Times & Friends - feature article Aug/Sept 2020

BarReport - feature article Aug/Sept/Oct 2019

Teddy Bear Times - article on my work space Dec/Jan 2016

Teddy Bear and Friends - feature article July 2015

Teddy Bear Times - Sebastian made it into these issues!  Aug/Sep & Oct/Nov 2011

Teddy Bear Times - featured article August 2011 Issue 194
Teddy Bear Club International - feature article May 2008 Issue 171

Teddy Bear Review - cover & feature article in Feb 2004

Teddy Bear and Friends - feature article May/June 1999

Teddy Bear Scene - feature articles 2006, 2000, 1998, cover 2002

Teddy Bear Times - cover 2001, also authored column entitled Postcards from the USA

Teddy Bear Times Japan - feature article 2002



Photos of my teddy bears have also been included in the following books:

The Teddy Bear Encyclopedia

The Teddy Bear Book

Tribute to Teddy Bear Artists

Contemporary Teddy Bear Price Guide

The Art of Making Teddy Bears

Teddy Bear Art

Making Teddy Bears

I am more than happy to meet people through social media but if you would like to see
my bears in person, please check out my shows page to see if I will be attending a show near
you in the coming months.